Jerry Antley- Legendary Call Maker Inducted In The Legends of the Outdoors National Hall of Fame

Jerry Antley, Peyton Mckinnie (r)

Some time ago, in fact, a little over a year I was contacted by Peyton Mckinnie hailing from Marion, Louisiana about possibly doing a story on a gentleman from his home state known by many turkey hunters as Jerry Antley.  As I lay out a few known facts attributed to Jerry  you will come to a similar conclusion as I, that he is a family man, man of faith, an outdoorsman with a firm dedication to his passions and his craft.  Steadfast is a term that came to me while reviewing and researching materials to write this story worthy of a man of his stature.

As I briefly review a partial list of Jerry’s history  and noteworthy accomplishments, he will be newly inducted into The Legends of the Outdoors National Hall of Fame, class of 2017.


Jerry Antley

A lifelong resident of Downsville, Louisiana  Jerry continues to make calls at Cedar Hill Game Calls (which he founded) to this day. Although he does not publicly list his age, it is known he was married to Vicki Allen for nearly fifty four years until her passing in 2013.  With four children now grown, along with nine grandchildren, and six great grandchildren it is a wonder when he has the time to make all these calls.

It is stated that he began hunting in 1963 for whitetails, and added turkey hunting to his pursuits in 1972.  Nearing a hundred wild turkeys carried back home over his shoulder it is reported that the local bachelor groups of longbeards are plotting/planning for his early retirement from the sport.  As you begin to notice, a pattern emerges as to his dedication to matters at hand. Jerry extended his passions for the forests of his home state, the pursuit of whitetails, wild turkeys and turned it to vibrant and healthy game call business. This would be the beginning of Cedar Hill Game Calls, LLC which he founded in 1981, He would later expand his company with the acquisition of  CamoCord, LLC in 2003.


Jerry Antley

The most well known call that Jerry produces was also the first entry into  the market. The Legendary “Little Scratch Box!”. They have sold over 50,000  all of which are hand-made here in the U.S.A..  Being constructed of cedar which is well known among turkey hunters and call makers alike to produce clucks, purrs, and yelps that not only please our calling sensibilities but more importantly fools a gobbler to take one step too many in your direction. With a little bit of instruction even I could have you clucking and purring before you left the room, yelping with a little bit of practice. The clucks are done the best on this cedar scratch box, more convincing than by use of other styles of calls in my opinion. You could close your eyes and swear you could hear the hen’s beak snapping shut as she clucked. Yes, it is that good in the turkey woods.  The company also offers deer calls, duck calls, elk calls, predator calls. a variety of other turkey calls, and a host of hunter accessories that would be ‘must have’ for your trips afield.


Joining the NWTF in 1977, Jerry would become a charter member and served as president of the North Central  Louisiana NWTF Chapter. He would later become a charter member of his local chapter , the Union Long Spurs, served as President for the first three years. Currently  serving on the Board of Directors. His volunteer service has spanned so far an impressive thirty seven consecutive years. In that time Jerry would also serve as Louisiana State Chapter President, and VP, serving  Louisiana State NWTF Board of Directors. for twelve years.  Jerry  was elected to the National Board of Directors for the NWTF in 1984 serving for six years,

Other notable history with the NWTF:

•  Silver Life Member of NWTF •Runner-Up 1983 Louisiana State Turkey Calling Championship.  •“Grand Champion” 1984 Louisiana State Turkey Calling Championship.

• Grand National Calling Contest Judge for NWTF the past 20 years.

Along with his call making business, and what has to be a busy time with family, Jerry is a Southern Baptist by faith, serving as a Deacon at Mt. Ararat Baptist Church, Downsville, La. Since 1978. In addition to his role as Deacon, he has also served as Chairman of the Deacon Board for the past twenty years.

We congratulate Jerry on a stellar career, dedicated volunteer service, and a well deserved award of recognitions for all that you have done and contributed for our natural resources and to our greater benefit. 



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