I have not forgotten 9/11

As the anniversary of 9/11 arrives. 16 years have passed… 2,977 were murdered for simply being at work, 6000+ injured for also showing up for work. Heroes in uniform, some not in uniform also perished or died later on from various cancers and fatal lung diseases believed to be caused from conditions at ground zero.



‘The memories, the feelings from that day have not faded, nor diminished. It was to be a perfect blue bird day in September,‘ as I wrote this time last year. This near perfect September day morphed, shattered for these ten thousand (more to be counted as time marches on) victims in mere seconds for many, some in agonizing, terror filled minutes, hours yet for others. Our world view, my world view would change from what would be learned later as we begun to understand the evil that transpired. In the ripples of life, our greatest loss is to never know or benefit from what great deeds and accomplishments from all those lost. All too clear for their families, their lives changed beyond our comprehension.

I have not forgotten… It holds far more relevance as we witness a great divide among us now. Have we forgotten how we felt having fellow citizens mass murdered as a political, psychotic twisted religious statement? We united as Americans. We still are Americans, you just wouldn’t know it by the constant barrage of Trump Derangement Syndrome afflicted pundits, reporters and domestic terrorists such as Anti-Fa with the liberal left actually supporting the likes of Anti-Fa , or even more surprising, supporting the suppression of free speech. Who knew?

With too many similarities to the very terrorists that slaughtered thousands of innocent fellow Americans, It is incomprehensible that we have not retained, and held close to our hearts the lessons taught in blood, that of unity, empathy and compassion for one another in the most adverse circumstances. The willful ignoring, even embracing these left winged. marxist terrorists groups for political gain is a national disgrace. We condemn the extreme right such as the KKK and other supremacist groups and yet we have an ideology (liberal, left) prevalent in our country that cannot bring itself to condemn all groups that promote extreme hate and violence. 9/11 painted a stark face on hate based in irrational ideology, religious extremism that depicts one superior over the other. Even the national disasters of epic hurricanes evokes politicizing while innocent lives perish. We are far better people than this.  

We are Americans. With God, Family, and Country as our foundation, there is no room for party affiliation or Ideology to be first above our most important priorities. We came together in the aftermath of 9/11.


I have not forgotten those that perished on this fateful day of September 11th, 2001.

I have not forgotten those that gave all in order save lives. Heroes that walk among us to this day.

I have not forgotten those  who survived only to succumb to it days, months, and years later.

I have not forgotten that we came together as Americans.

I have not forgotten that we are all equal by way of our maker.   


This is republish each year as I find it so important to include:

Each anniversary of 9/11, my thoughts return to two fellow NWTF members Cynthia Giugliano & Walter Weaver that we lost that day. A memorial webpage can be found at http://www.turkey-talk.com/9_11_01_memorial.htm

As you toe up on the start line of your favorite road race or triathlon or enjoy another fall season hunting our nation’s forests, fishing the lakes and streams of our great land, I ask that each of you give thought to those that serve us. In your travels I ask that you take the time to thank those that serve us, and continue to support what they do for our country.

Along with counting your blessings, say a prayer for all innocent victims, and that you do something on your part to make the world just a little bit better for those around you. We can all benefit from a little emphasis on acts of kindness.


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