A Turkey Hunter’s Send Off

From good advice that I have been privy to over the years, and what I found to be enlightening and food for the soul, was to create a small collection of thoughts in book form. Essentially my thoughts on so many important things and some that have captured my interests, my fancy. It contains revelations, moments of personal discovery, and mentions of some heartbreaks and personally devastating times. A honest birds eye view of many years of living.  It lays bare of thoughts not to be left unsaid. From time to time I update it as come my time it will be my final published work that will available to all that care to send me off.  Until such time it has been given to only family members and a few very close friends whom I have known for decades.  It is not an ominous thing or an early predictor, but an exercise of due diligence to not leave important matters, important thoughts left unsaid. I  highly recommend that each of you do this in a format that suits you as it will add perspective and brevity to your thoughts. Your family and loved ones will benefit from knowing your inner thoughts and what you carry deeply within your heart.

What I do wish to share is a final passage of my wishes for a send off, as I believe my fellow turkey hunting brethren may borrow some of it as fodder for their own thoughts and wishes.


To all that I have come to know…

I request the following for my send off:

I do not wish my human shell to occupy space in a grave. I have lived my life as a free spirit, and it is my wish to have my ashes spread in the woods of our land or that of a favored set of turkey woods. The grand turkey woods is where I have found the most tranquility and peace. Should you find yourself amongst the great forests, it is my hope that each of you find the same tranquility and inner peace. From time to time, I would like it should you think of me there.

I would like a lone musician to play the bag pipes in my honor. “Amazing Grace” is most fitting song that comes to mind. If at all possible, in the field where I was married. If this cannot be arranged, a soulful singer will do. Do join in. Should you need to shed a tear, this would be the time. Let it be tears of happiness for a life well lived. I can assure each of you, that I will not have wandered off the planet, this life, an unfulfilled man. I have done so many things. I have from early beginnings followed my heart. What I had ever hoped for in love I eventually gained tenfold… I do wish the same for each of you.

I wouldn’t be at all disappointed if there was also a band to rock out a rendition of AC/DC’s “Thunder”, “Back in Black”, and “Girl’s Got Rhythm.” All great songs for turkey hunting videos, and would set the proper ambiance. I might suggest skipping “Highway to Hell” as Vegas Odds haven’t come in yet.

My most sincere request: Please, in my heart of hearts, in your hearts, celebrate what good I brought to this world, in this life. Forgive me for my failures, and imperfections. I deeply cared about so many people, so many things, but failed in just as much, and I ask that you forgive me as I fretted over any wrongs I had done.

Should you be in the turkey woods, and a bird gobbles, it would please me if it would bring back a good memory of time we had spent together. Let it bring a smile to your face that the bird has some reprieve with my passing.

It would be fitting that I should go during the first of May. During the ceremony and celebration, a flock of gobblers should carry on gobbling. I do request that you bring a call to encourage them further. For they would know, I would no longer be in pursuit. Just a thought, a happy one at that.

I have lived a good and full life, It is my wish that you celebrate my passing. A salute with a shot of “Wild Turkey Whiskey” I think would be most fitting. One maybe two. I am not much of a drinking man, but it is part of celebrating one’s life, as I have saluted others.

Do not be drunk or sadden in my passing. It is my hope and desire that you all carry on with at least a little part of me which you saw as most good.




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